The Bear Vs. Man Cast

The Bear Vs. Man Cast

The Bear Vs. Man Cast - A Video Game Podcast about nothing. Each week, Nick and Ryan talk about some games that they played this week, discuss some news, and then whatever else happens is gravy, baby.

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    137 - My Good Friend Majima [A Good Boy]

    Ryan enjoyed playing a video game; Nick is on a quest to find the perfect vacation mobile game. Hollow Knight, Yakuza: Kiwami 2, The World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Idle Heroes, and Tap Tap Heroes.

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    136 - I'm Spiderman/A Bit of a Crimeboy, Also

    In this episode description for this episode of The Bear vs Man Cast, the video game podcast about Nintendo and Disney/Non Crossover AMVs, the author reveals everything you need to know about this one, really. Also this was recorded a while ago we don't talk about that Spiderman game sorry.

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    135 - Take a Weed

    Octopath Traveler, No Man's Sky Next, Symphony of the Night, and video game to movie adaptations: all topics covered in this episode of The Bear vs. Man Cast, an episode that happened at some point in time, hosted by two warm boys. Alternative title: Luigi is John Leguizamo's Dick, Pass It On

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    133 - Earthbound 2

    Almost two full weeks late, Nick and Ryan are here to offer their unique perspective on the news from E3 2018. Unique in so far as they barely watched any of it and only care about a select few things to begin with and it's a surprise to no one what those things are. Also, Twitter bots.

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    132 - That's a Bin, 'Innit?

    Nick and Ryan are back to talk about this week's most lukewarm topics including: Dark Souls Remastered, Everybody's Golf, The Adventures of Helena Temple, and Nap Rap.

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    131 - Blow Him 'Dem Bubbles

    This week, we play with a new Audacity effect: Amplify! God of War? Hearthstone? Could you really expect any more from the boys from the BVM? Alternative title: [ASMR Roleplay]: Ryan Convinces You He Definitely Has Push Notifications Set Up for the Bear vs. Man Email Account and Everything is Going to be Okay

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    130 - #notmypepsi

    Welcome to the Elderly Dog Cast where your hosts Nick and Ryan discuss how to care for your elderly Longdog (TM). There's a new Hearthstone expansion, so get ready to hear about the Witchwood, The Year of the Raven, and the nature of Hearthstone's rotating meta. Additional discussion topics: Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, God of War, and Alto's Odyssey.

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    129 - God's Plan/Metal Ravioli

    This week on the Bear vs. Man Cast, we doxx Drake and find out if Apple has any sort of automatic content ID system! After a short discussion about bagels and video game podcasts, Nick and Ryan get right into it about the hottest game: Fortnite Battle Royale. Other topics include Dragonball Z Kai, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Battlerite, and Burnout Paradise Remastered. Alternate title: "Hey What's Up I Have 12 Victory Royales Wanna' Blast?"

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    128 - I Said Thine Name

    Ryan... Ryan has a crazy robot voice sometimes. And his recording was 3 seconds longer so what's the deal with that? I did my best, and like most of the episodes of The Bear vs. Man Cast, this episode is tolerable! Monster Hunter, The Legend of Zelda: The Link to the Past, Into the Breach, Pit People, and Nintendo news: all topics of discussion on this episode. We hope you find this kind of long episode acceptable.

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